Fireline Data Center - Hong Kong high anti-server officially launched

Fireline / 2017-10-13 13:28:19

After intense preparation, and multi-line road fusion and testing, October 13, 2017 Fireline Data Center - Hong Kong high anti-server is on-line!

Our high anti-server on the line, will be the Hong Kong server defense value increased to 500G This is defense value, will not have to worry about YN Flood, XDOS, HGOD, SYNKILLER, CC, GZDOS
, PKDOS, JDOS, KKDOS, SUPERDDOS, FATBOY, SYNKFW dozens of attacks, no upper limit defense CC attack.

We Promise

1. We are committed to 100% effective defense, such as 24 hours defense is invalid, full refund;

2. usually within 3-24 hours after the order to open, before the expiration of at least 2 days in advance;

3. As the majority of customers in the engine room for anti-attack users, we recommend that you do a regular backup data;

4. When the attack traffic exceeds the amount of defense you ordered, you need to upgrade in time, otherwise, defense suit
service will be automatically suspended by the system,specific defensive flow set, you can contact our staff to ask, thank you!

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